Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On America

Here are some random shots taken throughout the trip.
First off, state signs!

In place of North Carolina, please accept this photo of Monument Valley, inside of Charlotte, NC's famous The Penguin. Not pictured: fried pickles.

In place of Tennessee, accept this photo taken just outside of Knoxville.

In place of Missouri, here's a photo approaching St. Louis.

In place of Kansas, we offer our new, non-offensive name to call people... K Tag (ie, "you are such a..." or "don't be such a...")

In place of California, here is the very next sign AFTER the "welcome to" sign.

Tennessee and California were near impossible to get, careening over mountain passes with little or no shoulder well into the night. Missouri's was lost in St. Louis. Kansas was sheer lethargy of ye olde camera hand. Sorry again, Patrick!

Stay creative, Colorado!

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