Wednesday, August 13, 2008

...all that road going, and all the people dreaming in the immensity of it

Did an equipment check last night, and realized my travel guitar fits into my acoustic-electric case! I picked up this guitar on our honeymoon, and intended to pass it off to another traveller, but that traveller never materialized. SO, now I put stickers on it to show where it has been!

This should be a revolution in my travels, as since the beast has been smuggled in a soft sided case through a variety of flight attendant moods. Now it can travel in relative comfort (or at least safely wedged between the massive chunks of luggage) being checked in!

On the way to Bodrum, I could have busted the thing out and nobody would have batted an eyelash, as I flew with it "stowed" between my legs as a benchwarmer in a hockey game. Flying to Charlotte, friendly flight attendants stowed it in the first class closet. En route to Boston, they made me stow it overhead in the crammed solid bin, which made me very nervous. This cheaply constructed balsa wood guitar can be dented by a fingernail! I was dreading the results so much that I swore on the way home, I would stow it beneath my seat at all costs, hiding it from view with a combination of sweatshirt and standard issue flight blanket. The only hazard then was the curious feet behind me.

It's a small price to pay for something to put stickers on. My brother has started sliding me space station patches, so perhaps the case will become a canvas all unto itself!

If anyone has any suggestions for unique San Francisco stickers, this will be the guitars' second trip there and I've yet to find one! You'd be surprised how the bumper sticker industry has been overrun by those faux-European vehicle nationality designators! It's become the new Calvin Peeing On Something sticker...

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