Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sevens Are A Good Thing

It's so very odd to be "borrowing" wi-fi in your own apartment, but you know, when your router isn't playing along, what is a brother to do?

Really, these days I have little patience. Just yesterday, 9 floors above the stink, I watched my building sweat. It was disturbing, but in that "wow, I am pretty much thankful for icy recycled air right about now." Philly is the city of air that feels like walking under the exhaust valve of an air conditioner right now.

We're preparing to kick our second story walk up for a larger, 7th floor apartment about 7 blocks east. I cannot wait to have my recording gear permanently set up. Lately in extra-curricular MFA activity, I have been recording music for a yet-to-be-named film short. Through this, I have gotten one new MFA song, and exercising the part of my brain that really loves ear candy. I'll post a few on the site in the coming weeks when the songs get solidified.

Go outside, then come back inside with something frozen and fruity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

City of Brotherly Love…

Thanks for coming out last night! Our World Cafe Live debut was a blast, we will be back! What a great venue to really explore our dynamics: the sonic differences between soft songs and rocking songs.

I have to apologize to my band for mumbling!

Anyone who knows me knows I fail to enunciate sometimes, mashing words together to make new words (which I find cool, like SLEVEN in place of Seven Eleven, and THE WA, as sometimes, Wa-Wa is just too hard to say. ha.) but last night it caught up to me. Turin Brakes had just finished their set downstairs, and had expressed interest in playing a song with us (!!!).

A representative from the band walked up to the stage and asked our bassist Matt if we would be down. We said "hell yes" but apparently the message didn't go through. After each song, I said something akin to "is there a Turin Brake in the house" or "hey! we have one more song, and then we are going to be joined by Turin Brakes!" But word has it you couldn't really understand what I was saying.

Instead, under the perceived microscope of a band on Astralwerks, we rocked. We were electric, so to speak. Then, post-set, I tried approaching them to apologize for the miscommunication and give them a concilliatory (ha!) free CD. No dice, they had to rush off.

So… Jim… Ess-Dog… my bad. Next time I will make sure I pin a carnation on each one of the prospective bands trying to jam with us so they know exactly where they stand in our hearts.

MVP of the night goes to Jim Greif, completing the trip in one night. May we all get to the bottom of our hate for Steven Singer once and for all.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rockets Red Glare

So the man, brushing past me on the sidewalk, turns to the man accompanying him says "if it weren't for the Vietnam war, I'd be an architect" as if that would explain it all. I walked past and wondered what exactly about Vietnam would cause one to lose sight of one's goals. As if to say that an era can take all of your ambition and turn it into hardship.

I thought about that this weekend while I watched fireworks explode in the warm evening sky over DCn from a darkened apartment with a stellar view of the river and the nationalistic landscape. Questions of patriotism versus fervor were brought up, while over-all, we revelled in our ability to question, to ask questions, and over all, be American. It's weird how such a thing can chisel it's way into your psyche. I'm not so much of an "in your face" patriot, but I love my country in only way Ted Leo/Pharmacists' "Shake The Sheets" can sing to.

I'm thankful for the fact I have not yet had to say "if it weren't for (blank), I'd be (blank)" except for that of my own volition. If we fought World War II so that our grandchildren could be poets, I hope that a generation of architects, doctors, educators are not lost on this international battlefield.

On a lighter note: we have a show coming up! July 19th at World Cafe Live, more to follow. Check out the website for updates:

Hope you are having a beautiful summer!