Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Denver Obama Mania, Pre Show Post

Greetings from Denver. Per request, we will have full road pics up at some point, as soon as I can get my computer hooked up through the ole Airport Express. Seems my WEP2 personal will not accept that one last digit of Ramsay's password. Funny how this technology makes things harder, before making things easier. Hence, I am on that friends computer. Everyone else has gone to sleep. Sleep. Sleeeeeep. Sleeeeeeeeeep. I think I saw too many Wizard of Oz tourist traps ads today.

We made it to colorful Colorado alive and well. Along the way we played a show, drove. Ate. Drove. Meandered around Lawrence, KS, slept, drove. Repeat.

The show in Charlotte went surprisingly well. Patrick is absolutely soaring in the position of electronic percussionist. It doesn't take a lot to get the drum sampling program I designed going, but his musical instincts have really aided in creating a sonic landscape in which my songs reside comfortably. My favorite anecdote thus far was introducing a new song, "Say Your Prayers," as being an "indictment of apathy" and in a pregnant pause Patrick blurts out "whatever." Priceless. Even moreso was the woman in Knoxville from Charlotte who thinks she heard of us. Thank you WEND 106.5!!!

We are looking forward to a day off tomorrow, before our show. A day off is a day without 1000's of miles to drive. Once we check in to our hotel, I will look into getting some of these here photos posted. Seriously, it has been a blast. This town is abuzz with Democratic National Convention mania. Get ready folks! They are doing bomb drills!! I am lonely for my one and only, but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I am about to fall asleep in a hammock with my ipod set to "starry night" so life is good. Even better is coming 3/5 of the way across this great nation with one good old friend to end up crashing with two more of 'em. It's good to be "home"

Good night.

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