Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time Machine

I have this big problem of trying to cram too much in, and plan out my life to be busy, busy, busy. At the end of six week cycles, I get all worked up and Anne looks at me and asks "why are we fighting?" and then inevitably the next day or so I will realize that I have not been at home in 6 weekends. Weeks don't count, as there is work to be done and that takes a different kind of travel. Where does the time go? Shows, birthdays, seeing loved ones, boats, cars... etc etc etc. Next thing you know all you want is a good, strong cup of coffee to let go cold as you sort out your memories over an acoustic guitar at 8am on a Saturday.

The good news is this weekend I won't have to call my mom to talk, but will be in her presence as we celebrate her birthday. I feel bad that yesterday in a flustered fit I confided in her how little time we had had at home, and I think it made her feel like I didn't want to see her. NOPE! I cannot wait. There is no cup of coffee like a cup of coffee in her kitchen!!

I've got a great birthday gift for her, made from my recent trip to Boston (where I met up with my childhood best friend Paul Hanna, whom I hadn't seen in 12 years, then witnessed a Jon Lester NO HITTER with from right field SRO tickets! There was something pretty special about being back in Fenway Park, like going home, that and we jumped into conversation without missing a beat. No matter where you are, your past isn't far behind. Make something of it, and don't hide!)

I wish I had a time machine, not to go back in time (anymore), but to make more hours in a day- to slow down the time we already have. I need some time to contemplate this wonderful things happening around me to help me be more grateful!

ps- we're working on a western swing of dates coming up in August! These will not be full-band, but special acoustic shows with Terrence Henry of Anchorage and Patrick Horn of His Own Damn Self.

Friday, May 23, 2008

There Will Be Synths

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

We've been busy working on our summer plans, and want to give a HUGE shout out to our friend Brice Woodall. Brice is an old friend from DC who now lives in Chicago, and is on tour with his band. Not only does his new album sound stellar, he added us to a bill with his band here in Philly! Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 17th: the mighty Brice Woodall and the Positrons w/ My Friend Autumn at L'ETAGE (6th and Bainbridge) Philadelphia.

Be warned: there will be synths!
(that will be the name of my movie, starring Daniel Day Lewis as an evil Rick Wakeman: There Will Be Synths "I drink your voltage!!!")

Anybody have white-soled shoes (size 12.5) I can borrow? Hows about some sunblock?
be good, get into some trouble!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What The World Needs Now...

It's kind of hard to celebrate a CD release when thousands upon thousands of people have been dying in Asia. First the cyclone in Burma, now the earthquake in China. Some people might try to convince you that this is mother nature correcting herself and taking lives with her, do not succumb to this dehumanization. This is the same attitude that leads toward nihilists crashing planes into buildings and people blowing themselves up to zero gain. Please try to help, even if it's just contemplating these people's pain and suffering!

We would like to thank everyone who came out in support of our shows this weekend. There was an outpouring of love, and we hope that we returned that to you tenfold in our evening of merriment. Especially in the face of torrential rain, we hope you stayed dry and didn't miss getting stuck in the mud out at Radiohead! Sorry we couldn't hang out for longer after our set, we had 3 hours of eye-strain to endure to get ourselves in bed for work Monday morning. And now it's already Tuesday! How'd they do that!

Bear with us while we revamp the website too. Our priority was to get the album released for you fine people, now the website for the lurkers. You know who you are!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Just popped in my copy of "Music from the Adventures of Pete and Pete" by Polaris (nee Miracle Legion) and I am transported back to the summer of 1995. I am on my way to the Charlotte airport to pick my parents up after their trip to Germany to see my sister, who is not yet married, but is living as an au pair in the Fatherland to learn the language (and to be near her now husband.)

I've popped in the Cassingle that I got from mailing in box tops from Frosted Flakes or something, and am blasting the excellent "Hey Sandy" while speeding to make it on time. It's summer in Charlotte, and the windows are up up up and the A/C is on on on.

There was nothing strange about getting a tape of three songs from a supposed kids' show. Nothing! The show was like being on drugs and I could watch it with my girlfriends' little sister without batting a lash (of course, not being ON drugs).

I am 95% sure this is still in print, and would recommend it to anyone who likes jangley pop or old R.E.M. Check out the Mezzotint label, run by Mark Mulcahy himself (I think).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Flashy Flash Flash

check out this animation that now adorns our myspace page. we should change it around and call our weekend of shows our "flash intro release party!"

The CDs are shipping in today, I will believe when I see it. Part of me thinks that somehow I will wake up and it will be 5/21/04 and it will be the day after our first recording session. If by some reason tomorrow I am 4 years younger, please bear with me!