Monday, August 25, 2008

Denver Show Report

I found it surprisingly difficult to get online on our weeklong trek. The best part is, after phone calls to the missus, I really didn't need it. Moments in between were spent ambling around Lawrence/Boulder/Denver/Austin, NV (google it!)/San Francisco. While it crossed my mind to plug myself in and regale the ether with my ramblings, I found better use for my brainpower and eyes (reading, sleeping, driving etc). Here are some belated notes on our journey, will post several of these.

Started Wednesday as tourists, and visited scenic Boulder. While once a hippie town, it seemed to have been slowly devoured by Bed Bath and Beyond. Never fear, we found a staunch, independent record store called Albums on the Hill, and paid Andy a visit. If you ever drop in, tell him we said hi.

The Denver show went well. Hooked On Colfax had a dark, yet photogenic performance space in the basement.

We played without any amplification, so my voice was a little throttled by the end. Jim flew out and made an appearance on his new Cajon drum, which will be making it's way out more often. Picture a wooden suitcase fitted out with a snare in one part, with a drummer sitting on top of it. I am a believer! We did a monster, 16 song set that still ran under our alloted 2 hours. Elegiac made it's live debut, and we dusted off "You Know It Has To Be Right!," "I Was Electric" and a brand new cover of Nada Surf's "Inside of Love"

Afterward we had a few Fat Tire's at Annie's Diner. Eating fish taco's at my wife's namesake made me wish I were driving toward her! Some friends of Patrick's came out and regaled us with stories of their famous family Thanksgiving fireworks (a euphemism, of course) and that took the edge off.

At dawn we started off toward the west, starting a Radiohead marathon of every one of their albums. Could there be a better landscape for their cavernous, isolated sound? I think not, as the farther we drove the more it seemed we were on the moon. We had 20 hours to drive, and San Francisco to make before the next morning.

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Sounds fun. Pictures?