Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enter Cole!

You might have noticed a lag in activity. This is on purpose.

Anne and I are proud to inform you of the arrival of our son, Cole! I know it's now June, and if you are reading this you already know this, but Coleman Michael was born January 17, 2009. Baby and baby mama are doing great, our favorite is "imitate the squeal as conversation with baby" time and tummy time.

In the meantime we've been tracking work for film, as well as plotting out Fog War, Wind War, a new configuration for the band (bye bye bass!), AND a solo project. Whew, and this is all between diapers and burping. One of these days I will get a new track up for your consumption. Maybe some virtual 7" splits are in order, a la Deerhunter/Atlas Sound

Papa loves mambo,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

M Ward's "Let's Dance"

There was a moment that I am pretty certain I was the only one who existed in the world. It was last September and I was DJing my friend Terrence's wedding in Hatteras, NC. Through stormy weather and travails, the wedding date was finally set for Saturday. It was supposed to be on that Friday, but since the forecast was foreboding they had decided to let the mainland stranded guests arrive. When the weather cooperated, the rest of us were treated to a sublime beach day with violently tumbling surf, abundant sunshine, and low humidity.

Saturday rolled around, and we were met by intermittent showers and higher humidity. NC-12 was reopened, and the rest of guests arrived in time. We had set up a big tent in the front yard of the house, which partly straddled the driveway. We lined the interior of the tent with various sizes of Chinese lanterns, illuminated by tiny led lights. Wires were run. PA set up and tested. Table centerpieces set. (all the while: hair is done, tuxedos smoothed, nerves cooled by confidence and deep breathing)

Just after the vows were spoken, I put the system on autopilot with some dinner music, and introductions made/prayer given/meal enjoyed/toast given. Returning to the helm as the happy couple were about to cut their wedding cake, I decided to segue into the evening with "Let's Dance" by M. Ward. The world fell intoxicated by the lowering amber sunlight in the autumn haze, and the scene has been frozen in my mind ever since. Insects, too small to be silhouetted, blazed as miniature suns flying erratically to and fro, and time becomes an elastic too worn out to speed up again, as time often does when things are good. In the lowering light, I drifted while the Chinese lanterns began showing their light. It was one of those rare moments when the music video of life synchronizes perfectly with the vibrations of love and consequence at hand. In my mind, that is. And *SNAP* I am back at a wedding with 100 guests.

Realizing I was the only one swooning to the bittersweet, lugubrious beat, "Crazy In Love" was then put on to satisfy the rising tide of eager dancers. The mood in the tent shifts wayyy upward and the joyous evening begins.