Monday, April 25, 2005

Sheet Rock Man

So, in explaining transposing songs from electro-techno-pop a la the Postal Service to acoustic guitar a la sensitive boy rock I came up with this:

"The bass and the drums are more the steel and structure of the building, but you don't have to transcribe them. You can get away with the extraneous material to give an impression of what the complete song would sound like… more like the musical sheet rock. Yes. Guitar is just a big pile of sheet rock."

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bittersweet Me

It was tough getting into it last night, I have to apologize. The first half of the set I was uptight trying not to let the sentiment sink in and therefore the set did not gel until later. No wit. No banter. It was hard to think about the events that lie ahead. I am leaving the city I have called home for the last 4 years this week… onward and upward!

In with the positive… my head is still abound with the schizo-kinetic energy today. I cannot form a complete thought or convey a complete idea. Ask anyone who has talked to me. One cup of coffee and I'm a self-contained comedy duo, but only both comedians keep on cutting each other off, so you only get half of what each is trying to say!

I was very touched to see so many old friends last night. Thanks for making my week. Sorry if it was a bit loud, we're working on the sound. Expect some quieter material from MFA in the future. There is talk of banjos and pianos, keyboards and fully audible lyrics. In the meantime, if you want to know what we're saying, drop a line to me for some lyrics.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Oh, This Is The Start of Something Good… Don't You Agree?

Dress rehearsal #1 is done. MFA is ready to go.

Let me tell you about our rehearsal space. It's part of what is now a landscaping storage garage, and seems to have a hollow floor. So last night I was surveying the scene and realized it might have as many as two more levels. What is down there? How old is the space? It's built into the side of a hill, and has a long sloping roof, with three windows diagonally placed following the fall line of the roof.

We have to unlock two doors to get to our space. Are there more keys leading to more lurid things than 15 year old Playboys that we want no part of? This shed/garage thing belongs to another band that was gracious enough to split it with us for the month of April, while MFA gets it's rock jones out. As we locked up last night, I felt this great sense of relief having cleared my amps out… the boogey man is real. Somewhere in those two lower lairs he is there– swallowing up guitar picks and residue.

Did I mention the EP's are ready? The first copy is being/was sold today, sans stencil on the front. I guess it kind of differentiates itself from the rest that way. We are pleased, and very excited, to be entering this recording into the canon of recorded western music. Or was that cannon?

See you tomorrow night!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Blood is 75% Coffee

When it rains it pours, or some other worn out cliche.

All I know is that my car got macked up and I ruined 50 CD's for the initial EP run in one shock-induced, spray painted evening. I got up yesterday morning and realized what I had done, threw out every single one of them, and meandered in traffic 'til I got to work and chugged a cup of the brown diesel.

Now the stuff is running my show. I'm not sleeping because there is so much to do (stencils, spray paint, rubber cement, fumes, late night phone calls, plans for germany, philly and show)… when in doubt, turn to the bean. Fact: I quit about once every other month, suffering through headaches, and then turn to it in my darkest moments. Don't judge!

The good news is: our show is going to rock. You will be pleased with the rock and will buy up all of our CD's. They're hot (when done right).

with Death By Sexy!
with Hello Tokyo!



caffeinatedly yours,

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Buy Back

Anyone seen the film "Chilicothe"? It's very odd, but no other film has encapsulated my life in such a dead on way. Funny thing is, I didn't like the film very much. It involves the telling of the 20-something guy, from dreaming big dreams to being lonely out of love to finding someone and coupling off. I watched it with my 3 dearest former housemates. One of which, now 2 years later, is married, the other lives in Brooklyn to rock a monkey off of his back, and me, I'm preparing to leave my city's safe economy for the city of brotherly love.

Anyways, there was a conversation in this film about not selling CD's you'll regret selling as you know you will buy them back. This conversation revolves around "Joshua Tree" by U2, but I want to talk about the only CD I have ever bought back. "Return of the Rentals" by the Rentals.

This is the sound of summer. Forever and ever. Wait, I don't think I sold this one. I am pretty sure someone made off with it. So I bought it back. I haven't even bought back "Parklife" so you know this is for real real, not play play. I wasn't one for their second record, but "Return of the Rentals" captures a certain exhuberance that rarely gets captured on tape. This is the sound of the Moog returning to popular conscience. This is the sound of an artist discovering himself amidst his day job (I mean, who QUITS Weezer?!).

Always buy back the records you love. Better yet. Don't sell them. Always lose them. Losing records is a better testament to your affection of a record.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Ladies and gents,
MFA is now officially your friendly neighborhood scab band! Really, if there is ever an indie rock strike, look for us to fill any and all vacancies and rise to prominence.

This time around, Eastern Homes has asked us to step in for the Apparitions at Velvet Lounge tomorrow night, whose lead singer may or may not be sick. Regardless, our fires are stoked and we are too. Bring it! This will be one of our last small rock shows, so come get nostalgic over the band that never was, or was, but will be and then some.

w/ Eastern Homes
Velvet Lounge 9th and U St. NWDC
Thursday, April 7th • 9pm

Study Up For Thursday Night's Show!