Thursday, December 23, 2004

Where is my pizza?

Jim here. Awesome recording session at Mark’s the other night! This was such a good idea. Not really all that rehearsed or thought out, but that has been the MFA motto so far and part of what makes this whole adventure fun. I want to be credited as “synthesizer sound engineer” as the sounds I picked for “The One That Got Away” were quite awesome if I do say so myself. While this won’t be the glossy production that we hope to get at Inner Ear, there is something really nice about having a song mostly done in one day. You guys will love it. Matt finally got to play keys on something, which I am sure he was dying to do. He’s eying my keyboard a little funny these days so I made sure I put it away and out of his reach in a safe place.
Back in 1998, I recorded a song at Pitt’s radio station, WPTS. I played Drums, Guitar, Bass and sang and my friend Kyle played lead guitar and keys. I was quite proud of the way we recorded that tune and I am sure Matt is feeling the same way about this effort as well. Matt, Mark and I all have the same reverence and appreciation for music. I can’t of a better group of guys to be making music with. Anyway, I’ll leave the holiday rock sappiness behind as I make my way to Pittsburgh this evening. Happy Festivus today.

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