Monday, December 06, 2004


Friday night was the most fun I have had out in a very, very long time. Not just because the band was playing, but there were good vibes everywhere. We feel fortunate to have the friends we do, and thank you deeply for your support. We were so happy, we were babbling on the mic. Yes, yes, y'all, mic's are fun.

Sean Winter played a great set, closing with "Angeles" by Elliott Smith. Very nice. Laura Burhenn pulled "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star out of nowhere. Without that lonely slide guitar, at first I thought it was lacking. Then I couldn't stop fixating on the sound of the keys. Utterly gorgeous.

The best part of the night came late in the game. We had finished our set and were 80% done loading out. Being the responsible gear hauler I am, I was also playing DD… we had bought the bartenders some shots in gratitude, and WHAM, Russ is on the underside of a stool, spinning around and around like some bizarre, whirling dirvish rodeo. His friends (whose names I forget) also joined in, attempting the feat, but the rest of us stood around in awe, hilarious captivating, spell-bound, laughing hysterically in awe of Russ' talent/skill/revered showstopper.

More posts as the week goes on. If you want to know the setlist, drop us an email and we'll crank it out to you. NYC was a quick trip (more on that later) capped by visiting David Durst who is living in Brooklyn now. It sounds strange to say "visiting" but it is such an insipiration when friends pick up on their destiny and follow it, regardless of logic. A friend of a friend is gone on tour, and very kindly let us stay at her place for the night… David was saying Jenny Toomey had stayed the week before. We felt like royalty.

More shows coming up! Stay tuned!

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