Thursday, December 09, 2004

And December gets Weird…

Pixies at Constitution Hall: completely satisfied with the level of rock. The encore alone could power 10 lesser bands for about a year.

The on-stage murder of Dimebag Darrell: Not being the biggest Pantera fan (listened to Far Beyond Driven some back in the day), or metal fan for that matter, I do not have any personal attachment… other than the sense of how wrong this is/was. It really freaks me out that whatever spat occured in Pantera's demise could provoke someone to actually want to kill one of the parties involved… not to mention in front of 250 people.

This has really weighed heavily on my conscience today, much the same as the Great White show in Rhode Island almost two years ago (which coincidentally has me scoping out potential exits every time I go to a show).

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