Friday, December 17, 2004

Busy Bee

Matt here. Last night went to dinner with somoe really good friends at an unspecified Italian eatery of vast proportions. To narrow it down, it's in DC, usually has a huge line out front, and you have to get there early, as it is the only good pasta restaurant in the area. Anyways, there is nothing quite like seeing people you don't see much anymore, yet the connection is always there. Call me some holiday sentimentalist, but friends' quirks provide me endless entertainment/thought/fodder, always wondering "why don't I see these people more?" Durst is back from Brooklyn for a while, and was a surprise addition to dinner with Bruce, Tammy and Philip. Pat called it the "Zero Beat Dinner" ha.

Replaced Sister Lovers/Third by Big Star (savagely stolen from my car last week) at Crooked Beat in Adams Morgan. Infinitely better than #1 Record/Radio City with is infinitely better than anything else that came out at the time. I prefer my Memphis soul to be with fake brit accents, which is odd, because fake brit accents on american bands now drives me nuts. Go spend money at Crooked Beat, for the love. DC needs more good record shops, Tower be damned!

Ended up playing Halo 2 until the wee hours of the morning. Okay, not being a videogamer-type, I got my guts handed to me by Bruce. For someone who couldn't beat Super Mario Brothers, playing any game that requires full use of both thumbs on some swivle stick pad thing and pulling triggers simultaneously proved too much. At least Philip and I beat Galaga 2 before that, or else I'd have left with my 12 year old inner self in tatters.

Not once did anyone exclaim "the button won't let me shoot!" a la my true 12 year old inner self.

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