Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Can Hear Music

Our good friends Terrence and Alicia married this past weekend in sunny Hatteras, NC. I say sunny, but it wasn't without an ordeal to get there. Initially they had planned for a Friday wedding, leaving Saturday for a relaxing beach barbecue, but with the nor'easter that surprise attacked the coast over the weekend, plans were shifted and they married Saturday. Our arrival was welcomed at 2am with ocean overwash on Highway 12! I guess that is what you get building a road on a thin strand of land between two large body of water! Regardless, congratulations! You make a wonderful couple, and were gracious hosts...

I DJ'd the reception, and in return, Terrence gifted me with a lot of latter-day Beach Boys CDs. It is no secret the ferocity of the love that Terrence has for the Beach Boys. So here I am back at home digesting about 12 albums worth of music. I am having to take breaks to retreat back to more familiar territory (Pet Sounds, Smile, Today!/Summer Days) but what is most striking is how the balance shifted from the mainstay (Brian Wilson) to the new guy (Carl Wilson) and little is lost. There are some questionable tracks, but before Pet Sounds, throwaway tracks were a mainstay of Beach Boys albums.

One cannot help but feel a sadness for what was lost within that group. Musically, individually... spun into franchises that are related by blood and little else.

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