Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It just dawned on me that we made California and did not visit In N Out Burger. How is that remotely possible? I blame the wafting mix of pine and eucalyptus that enveloped me while procuring tickets for and attending Radiohead in Golden Gate Park. I am a firm believer in local treasures (hence my Cherry Mash experience), and acted as porter in seeing an unspecified quantity of Boulevard Wheat from Lawrence, KS to Denver, CO. Had we been driving the other way, we would have surely ended up with Fat Tire east of the Mississippi. In N Out is more of a regional thing, but you can't get them back east.

Camp MFA has returned back to school for the season, and by school I mean life. And by life, I mean marriage. This weekend we celebrate the union of our guitarist Chris Kudela to his longtime girlfriend Megan Mitchell. Congratulations guys! We're taking a little time off while Chris and Megan sort through photographs, cards and write their thank you notes.

We'll be back in action Wednesday, October 1 at the M Room in Philadelphia. We're super-excited to be playing this venue for the first time. Matt promises he will have his amp checked out by then!

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day, and hope we weren't the ones keeping you up playing softly, albeit incorrect, covers on the front porch til the wee hours!

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M.Sedlar said...

When my family was out here for the wedding, I took them to Five Guys. My brother was impressed, but my sister continues to prefer In N Out. I don't think one burger is better than the other. It just depends on what you're in the mood for. They all agreed that Five Guys had better fries, though.