Wednesday, June 04, 2008

These United States (not the band)

While MFA is not an overtly political band, but Barack Obama has just clinched the Democratic nomination and it is a watershed in the history of our nation. OUT OF MANY, ONE! The irony of a candidate being the beneficiary of his opponents' campaign finance reform work is not lost on us! Some of us were Clinton supporters, others Obama supporters, some part-time McCain advocates, alongside one "hey, I would be happy with both," either way our country is poised to move forward in one grueling stroke of electoral history. Hopefully they can all get a little sleep now, and rest up for the presidential campaign!

No matter what you stand for or who you stand with, make sure you vote in November!

ps- I've got some killer footage of These United States playing TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA that I will upload once I get it OK's by the band. Check 'em out!

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