Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Someone Great

I am sure you have heard the song "Someone Great" by LCD Soundsystem. It's pretty ambiguous in subject matter: it could be about a broken relationship as much as it could be about death of a loved one. While it's probably about the former, I have chosen to hear it as the latter.

For these reasons, I could barely listen to it when my dad died. Or my mother-in-law died. Now, my brother-in-law's dad, Bob Strunk, Sr. has passed. I am left without comfort, without reason. People get sick, I understand. I've got this LCD Soundsystem song I can listen to finally, but still translate it as the passing of someone great. But for the love, could people stop dying? Just for one year. I know what you are thinking, that people die every day and not everyone has the justice of having lived a full life, but this is my third year of marriage, and the third loved one who has passed since taking my vows. Where is the solace in that?

Bob was full of enthusiasm for life and people and stories. He didn't know a stranger and would tell it like it is. Or told it like it was (Forget grammar now.) I've got so much to say but so few words to say it in.

people People PEOPLE! Go call your parents and tell them you love them! It doesn't matter who you regard as your parents, biological, foster, other; tell them you love them.

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