Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time Machine

I have this big problem of trying to cram too much in, and plan out my life to be busy, busy, busy. At the end of six week cycles, I get all worked up and Anne looks at me and asks "why are we fighting?" and then inevitably the next day or so I will realize that I have not been at home in 6 weekends. Weeks don't count, as there is work to be done and that takes a different kind of travel. Where does the time go? Shows, birthdays, seeing loved ones, boats, cars... etc etc etc. Next thing you know all you want is a good, strong cup of coffee to let go cold as you sort out your memories over an acoustic guitar at 8am on a Saturday.

The good news is this weekend I won't have to call my mom to talk, but will be in her presence as we celebrate her birthday. I feel bad that yesterday in a flustered fit I confided in her how little time we had had at home, and I think it made her feel like I didn't want to see her. NOPE! I cannot wait. There is no cup of coffee like a cup of coffee in her kitchen!!

I've got a great birthday gift for her, made from my recent trip to Boston (where I met up with my childhood best friend Paul Hanna, whom I hadn't seen in 12 years, then witnessed a Jon Lester NO HITTER with from right field SRO tickets! There was something pretty special about being back in Fenway Park, like going home, that and we jumped into conversation without missing a beat. No matter where you are, your past isn't far behind. Make something of it, and don't hide!)

I wish I had a time machine, not to go back in time (anymore), but to make more hours in a day- to slow down the time we already have. I need some time to contemplate this wonderful things happening around me to help me be more grateful!

ps- we're working on a western swing of dates coming up in August! These will not be full-band, but special acoustic shows with Terrence Henry of Anchorage and Patrick Horn of His Own Damn Self.

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