Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Just popped in my copy of "Music from the Adventures of Pete and Pete" by Polaris (nee Miracle Legion) and I am transported back to the summer of 1995. I am on my way to the Charlotte airport to pick my parents up after their trip to Germany to see my sister, who is not yet married, but is living as an au pair in the Fatherland to learn the language (and to be near her now husband.)

I've popped in the Cassingle that I got from mailing in box tops from Frosted Flakes or something, and am blasting the excellent "Hey Sandy" while speeding to make it on time. It's summer in Charlotte, and the windows are up up up and the A/C is on on on.

There was nothing strange about getting a tape of three songs from a supposed kids' show. Nothing! The show was like being on drugs and I could watch it with my girlfriends' little sister without batting a lash (of course, not being ON drugs).

I am 95% sure this is still in print, and would recommend it to anyone who likes jangley pop or old R.E.M. Check out the Mezzotint label, run by Mark Mulcahy himself (I think).

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