Thursday, January 06, 2005


Matt here. Sleep depravation is definitely my drug of choice. There is something about the bare minimum of sleep that gives you a slight edge on perception… if I sleep just barely not enough, I'm sluggish. When I sleep only a few hours, interrupted, my mind takes to a state where every thought is a staggering work of genius. I've written entire novels in my head only to have them thrown out when my concious brain takes over, being soooo smart (and well rested).

The fact that I have spent a great deal of the past two years alternately half-awake or half-asleep underscores this. A creative drought all but ended my previous band… now songs I started when I was 20 are being finished to the point of releasing. It's as if subconsciously I am sending myself back to the days in school when I would stay up all night just because I could, wanting to see what it would do to my capacity to function. The stakes are a bit higher now. I am also attempting this without the safety net of coffee. Don't try this at home kids.

We're finishing up work on our EP this weekend. Mark has really added a lot to the process, humor and a sense of adventure. I second Jim's note about working with people who are as into music as I am… we get the same vibe from Nick Anderson. By the way, I need to call Nick, we have a record to finish!

Your humble servant,
Silence Dogood

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