Thursday, January 27, 2005


Indie Rock Karaoke for the Children was booming last night… oh my! Attempting to cross the floor at 10:30 last night mid-song, I realized my efforts were futile, and started appreciating the crowd. It wasn't our usual faithfuls who come to our shows and support us in other endeavors, it was scene containing several circles of friends, all there to see one another bastardize and rock out songs some of us know, but we all love.

Part Karaoke and part DJ night, Indie Rock Karaoke Night for the Children really hit a nerve. Where else can you see Guided By Voices mimicked (with beer, flying kicks,mic twirls et al) side-by-side with straight edge anthems (with fists clenched in all of their marker X'd glory?) along with James, The Postal Service, The Ramones, Throwing Muses, and on and on? I'm talking vibe… it was on. IRKFC brings people together. Dare I say we're the model UN of Indie Rock?

We would like to thank everyone involved for helping raise $1,296.00 for OXFAM. It wouldn't have been nearly as fun had you not been there.

But that is only 1/2 of MFA's musical agenda for the week… join us tonight at DC9 for our show with Alcian Blue and Private Eleanor. Doors open at 9. We go on first, so please, do what you must.

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