Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Immort Ale

Who gets 120 points in Skeeball? I suck. Mid-Autumn (no pun) at the Delaware shore is something to see. It was very chill and the company was awesome. Most of the places I would want to go were open, yet not crowded. Dogfish Head's beer sampler is the right taste at the right price. I was also able to do some tax-free music shopping as well picking up the latest Shins (finally!) and Ted Leo/Rx records. Oh, I also picked up 4 one-inch round pins. Yes, I am 28 and still collect one-inch round pins. I think the bands were Jawbox, Afghan Whigs, Built to Spill and... uh... Damn. I forgot what the other one was. Beware of Jiffy-Pop though. I almost burned down the place I was staying at.

Oh yeah, the other pin was Superchunk.

Artomatic was cool. I hopped on stage right after a 3-hour car trip from my weekend getaway to Delaware. Even with very little practice it felt good to be playing again. I think we were playing just the right kind of mood music for looking at TONS of art. The way Artomatic is setup at this particular stage, it is almost as if you are an exhibit in itself. We didn't distract, but blended in, calling attention to ourselves only as much as we had to. My favorite comment about the band is: "it sounds like more than just guitar and drums". I take that to mean that we fill out the sound very well and we don't sound thin. I threatened to take my pants off around song #3. Sadly, it didn't happen.

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