Thursday, November 18, 2004


So we've added a second show, this Sunday at 6pm on Artomatic's Cabaret Stage.
This will be MFA stripped down, with the boost of massive reverb playing in the sanctuary of a former convent. Wandered around a bit on site last night, and saw about 1% of the art displayed there. Then we went on a witch hunt to find an alternate drumset for Jim to play, and ended up getting a beer at Staccato. And listening to someone play an awful medley of 80's songs. Okay, I secretly enjoyed hearing Take On Me go into Freedom go into Faith (both George Michael)… why doesn't anyone cover Howard Jones?

Also picked up a print copy of On Tap, the current issue profiles friend Laura and friend Brice. Dig!

Songs of the moment:
I Think of Demons- Roky Erickson
Cold Brains- Beck
September Gurls- Big Star

Reading Cash by Johnny Cash. What would it mean if I said I hadn't seen Evil Dead yet?

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