Friday, November 05, 2004

District Represent

Okay, on the heels of my beloved Red Sox winning a World Series, everything has a sheen that prevents me from adequately putting my feet on the ground. I am generally nicer, and am even dispensing my limited "knowledge" of html and even worms/viruses (more on that) toward the greater good. Go me.

So now the powers that be of Washington baseball are reporting that the Expos will likely be named the Nationals when they get started up here. Not quite as good as the Greys (though they were actually a Pittsburgh team), and exponentially (pardon the near pun) better than the debiliating Senators. The Nationals. Hmmm… let me drink on it.

So here is my new beef. Viruses/Worms are the new "Boston Red Sox losing in the post season." Seriously. This crap has to go. My roommate was infected by some virus that has sent out personal information transmitted through emails. I don't know how it all works, but it has sucked out her ability to live, and laugh, and love. So if you get some email that says "End Tyranny, Vote Kerry" flip a bird at the young voters who didn't show, and the rest of the country that can't see they have voted for four more years of rights being taken away from us. Not to mention the bird for the worm people. Gross.

That being said, I live in a place where 90% of people agree with me. If not, feel free to comment and discuss. It's what patriots do.

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