Monday, March 17, 2008

Now Hear This!

We're moving forward with our release schedule for "Summer Winter for Music People" to hit around mid-May. In the meantime, we've added a guitarist: Chris Kudela. You'll see Chris sporting both his trademark Fender Jaguar and an acoustic guitar to round out our sound. Chris also fills in the gaps with vocal harmonies, and swears that he's tried to understand the game of soccer.

The band descended upon Molly Maguires on Saturday, for an impromptu 6 song set. This was our live debut in this configuration, and by all reports, we pulled off being a non-Irish band on the greenest night of the year. Well, that is if you are Catholic. If not, don't expect us to try to play tonight! Trepidation gave way once we realized the O'Tasty-crazed crowd actually started dancing to our acoustic stylings. My guess is my apology for not being an Irish band went a long, long way! Many thanks to our friends and families for egging us on!

Our website has been renovated with a placeholder, should you care to check us out in our practice space. We have yet to name it, all ideas are welcome.


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