Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is Pretty Cool

So, it's not every day you discover an artist by their amazing website. So many band websites look the same. That is why ours looks like it does, which has now fallen into disrepair.

So anyway, there's this guy Billy Harvey who has a really sweet website. Designers the world over were inundated with links to his website in 2005. Check it out.

The real reason why I am posting is that he is currently on a tour of the U.S. and of A. in a bio-diesel converted 1983 Merdeces. He is video-blogging his adventures on his myspace. He comes off sort of like Garth from Wayne's World and Beck's lovechild. Friday he is showing up in Philly at Northstar Bar as the first act of 4 bands. Come check him out. He gave me good Austin record store recommendations in 2006, too. Good guy.

On that same trip, I picked his record up at Waterloo and listened while driving around in a rental car, and a then-soccer-teammate asked me "is this your band." I laughed, saying "you think I would actually drive around listening to my own band!!"

ps- Anne, don't tell anyone.

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