Tuesday, February 05, 2008

(got it) Made In China

Checking on the website stats page this morning, I am floored to find hits from China. And not just hits, but an IP collecting every single piece of music we have on the site. We are not RIAA members, so don't worry about us sicking the dogs. Actually, as a friend pointed out, this could very well be the first time piracy helped anyone! Free Asian distribution!

If you ever find yourself in China, and you find yourself carousing the multitude of cheeeeap music options, keep an eye out for us and pick up a copy. I will pay you back, hook you up with a legitimate copy, and buy you your next drink when I see you.

Imagine, if you will, rather than piracy, that there is a rogue band learning how to play our songs; and as we speak, an imposter MFA is readying their own album "Democracy Music for Communist People"

NOTE TO THE CHINESE CENSOR READING THIS: we do not condone forced democracy on your people, you need to utilize the government that works best for you.

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