Monday, January 07, 2008

MFA Bonus Elite Super Premium Cardgage

We're going to need to institute a MFA frequent flyer program, where miles travelled can be redeemed for merch, or cash.

Jim came up from Arlington this weekend for practice, and a multitude of televised sporting. Anne is in Florida working and familying, so bachelorhood thus equated sports. Starting with missing the end of my ever-sliding Kentucky Wildcats loss to Louisville, we watched Pittsburg lose to Jacksonville in the AFC wild card game.

Then, I went in to hyper-caffeinated battle with Comcast early sunday afternoon as the signal kept on cutting out whist watching Jim's Pitt Panthers lose to Villanova in the closing seconds of the game. I tell you, there is nothing like trying to watch a close college basketball game while the digital signal keeps cutting out. Mind you, it's not like broadcast or even normal cable where you can still get a portion of signal, when digital cuts you get nothing. No audio. No signal. No basketball. No Win. No Loss. Nada. Good thing Jim didn't care that he missed the end of the loss, I cared because we pay for that shizzle!

Man, I really hope the Shins don't break up!

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