Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sevens Are A Good Thing

It's so very odd to be "borrowing" wi-fi in your own apartment, but you know, when your router isn't playing along, what is a brother to do?

Really, these days I have little patience. Just yesterday, 9 floors above the stink, I watched my building sweat. It was disturbing, but in that "wow, I am pretty much thankful for icy recycled air right about now." Philly is the city of air that feels like walking under the exhaust valve of an air conditioner right now.

We're preparing to kick our second story walk up for a larger, 7th floor apartment about 7 blocks east. I cannot wait to have my recording gear permanently set up. Lately in extra-curricular MFA activity, I have been recording music for a yet-to-be-named film short. Through this, I have gotten one new MFA song, and exercising the part of my brain that really loves ear candy. I'll post a few on the site in the coming weeks when the songs get solidified.

Go outside, then come back inside with something frozen and fruity.

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Matt said...

I wouldn't know anything about borrowing wi-fi. MUHAHAHAHA!