Wednesday, July 20, 2005

City of Brotherly Love…

Thanks for coming out last night! Our World Cafe Live debut was a blast, we will be back! What a great venue to really explore our dynamics: the sonic differences between soft songs and rocking songs.

I have to apologize to my band for mumbling!

Anyone who knows me knows I fail to enunciate sometimes, mashing words together to make new words (which I find cool, like SLEVEN in place of Seven Eleven, and THE WA, as sometimes, Wa-Wa is just too hard to say. ha.) but last night it caught up to me. Turin Brakes had just finished their set downstairs, and had expressed interest in playing a song with us (!!!).

A representative from the band walked up to the stage and asked our bassist Matt if we would be down. We said "hell yes" but apparently the message didn't go through. After each song, I said something akin to "is there a Turin Brake in the house" or "hey! we have one more song, and then we are going to be joined by Turin Brakes!" But word has it you couldn't really understand what I was saying.

Instead, under the perceived microscope of a band on Astralwerks, we rocked. We were electric, so to speak. Then, post-set, I tried approaching them to apologize for the miscommunication and give them a concilliatory (ha!) free CD. No dice, they had to rush off.

So… Jim… Ess-Dog… my bad. Next time I will make sure I pin a carnation on each one of the prospective bands trying to jam with us so they know exactly where they stand in our hearts.

MVP of the night goes to Jim Greif, completing the trip in one night. May we all get to the bottom of our hate for Steven Singer once and for all.

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Matt said...

Jim deserves ultra props. We got back into Arlington at 4 a.m. I was dead to the world for a major portion of Wednesday.

I'm not sure what the confusion was with Turin Brakes, but I will have to say that I still love "Feeling Oblivion."

Matt Ess