Monday, February 22, 2010

Long Story Short

To offer a little explanation: The Disheverly Brothers and My Friend Autumn are the same band. The Disheverlies were conceived while in a hibernation period for MFA, which is our band that plays [mostly] original material.

We are constantly writing, scheming, and generally dreaming up new directions to go in, and The Disheverly Brothers were conceived, for better or worse, in one of these sessions. Rather than be pressured to find a new bassist to play our original songs to 1 person at 1am on a weeknight, we figured why not pick our favorite songs ever written and perform them in a style all our own. Oh, and then some of us had babies, some of us got engaged, and some of us adopted puppies. You cannot make this stuff up!

SO! That "Summer Music For Winter People" CD you have is Chris and Matt (and Jim, just wait!!) as My Friend Autumn, but the show you saw was Chris and Matt as the Disheverly Brothers: strings breaking, harmonies a little off kilter, and songs sung with 100% heart.

Thank you for your support!

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