Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MFA on the Radio!

Dear Loyal Compatriots!
We've been added to 91.7 WKDU in Philadelphia, PA!
Please call (215) 895-5917 or IM "requestwkdu" to request "Everyone Knows Which Side I'm On" by My Friend Autumn!

We've been added to 89.3 WUMDin North Dartmouth, MA!
Please call (508) 999-8150 and request "One In The Same" by My Friend Autumn!

(you can actually request any song off the album you like, we just have some intel on which songs have already been given some love!)

In other, less campaigny news, I was thinly slicing garlic last night in creating a plum soy reduction thingy with arugala, and man, do my hands have the "power" this morning. You know what I am talking about! Anne did note how much flavor the sauce held, but if she could only be here to experience the tactile repeats. Man, I can't stop smelling my fingers now...

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