Monday, April 21, 2008


We headed to Cape May this weekend for a band weekend of music, music, skee ball, and basketball. And more basketball. At 50 cents a play, we racked up far more tickets at basketball than skeeball, and we could go head-to-head. Besides, Matt's 300+ point skeeball game was maligned when the machine read "CAL". WTF? Gimme my tickets!

To recap: Mighty Chris Kudela of the St. John's Red Storm (nee Men) held out a formidable 68 point showing, and the four of us played that machine so much it ran out of tickets twice!! Jon Heller of the Temple Owls proved to Kentucky Wildcat Matt Cummins that the left hoop was in fact counting the baskets correctly, but then was subject to 10 3 pointers in a row in Matt's only 60+ point game. It was never clear if Jim Greif was a Pitt Panther or a George Mason Fightin' Fairfaxian Bricklayer, so we'll just call him Switzerland, and yeah, the Swiss like to block shots. WTF? Gimme a quarter!

In culinary news: Matt wasn't hip to Jon's burger concoction, but missed the instruction to leave the burger on the bleeding side of medium rare. Mr. Grillmaster also vetoed grilling the chicken burgers, as Jim would surely not like them flavored with the charcoal they were slowly dripping down into. Jim did pick up some pretty killer veggie chips that made a snack trinity with garden salsa sunchips and bold party chex mix. And make that not one, not Two, but THREE bags of microwave popcorn. And boat races, c'mon Chris, will spades EVER win? WTF?

The neighbors were great about our noise, one admonished his guests for potentially staying inside on such a beautiful day, and the other couldn't hear our acoustic stylee. Turns out our sound isn't much louder than a weed whacker or other such lawnscaping tools. Had we only known this at the Essjay, we would have mowed the lawn more regularly AND had Dano do it while we were practicing in the basement! ps- Mattresses on the windows help, just make sure you don't kill your drummer with them.

We have new songs to perform! We have shows coming up! We have shows in the works! The weather is getting super-nice (hella-nice for all you reading from California)! Look for photos on the website soon!


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