Friday, April 27, 2007

"c'mon Bob, get it together"

Sometimes I think I should turn this thing into a personal MP3-blog, not one that has other people's songs but mine. In the spirit of the odds and ends covers EP release, I am contemplating nearing full disclosure and unleashing a double album documenting a year in the life. There is just too much material to fit onto one record, I almost feel as if that game was built to defeat art in the first place.

Let me think about this, I know some people are interested in hearing the non-album tracks, but I have to self-edit enough to not be Ryan Adams. You will not get MP3's of me drunk trying to impersonate old Hank.

Have a good weekend. I'm making a quick trip back to DC then back to Philly to take our neice to her first major league baseball game. I think I like baseball because I get nostalgic about my own youth, not that I dislike the game, but it's a little irreverent of modern times. We want it, and we want it now. We don't want to have to wait out a pitchers duel. Wait, maybe that's WHY I like it. Ha.

be well,

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