Monday, November 21, 2005

Dig Dug and the Infinite Bosconian

Greetings Earthlings,
We are back from the coast, having completed 99.5% of the new album. Holy crap, it's going to be so good. In between bursts of conversation ranging from record fidelity, to the redemption of those little purple tickets you get from playing skee ball, we've laid down most of the overdubs/fixes.

Having a little business to take care of in Cape May when I arrived, I swung by a motel at the end of the beach. Having missed office hours, I'd have to go back the next morning. Since that end of Beach Drive is so quiet and dark, I chose to walk out on the beach to check out the stars and watch the waves break in the dark. Just as I start thinking about setting the vibe for the session and keeping it positive, a huge shooting star tore the sky open! Obligatory goose bumps (well, that is, on top of the other goose bumps because it was so effin' cold!) and so it went.

Let me tell you about the lay out. After arriving Friday night, we had a long conversation about anyting but setting up. Then, at 2am, we realized it would be a whole lot easier to set up in the foyer, and not have to lug Matt Ess's big bass amp (BFA) up to another level of the house. So, our control room was our live room. Nick holed himself up in a corner on a card table, and we ran lines all across the room.

Vocals were recorded on the front porch. At least, until it got too cold. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon, as we are planning a big diary for the new web page. Oh yeah, there is no new web page yet, so sit tight.

The record has a name, and tentative plans are being made for the album artwork that includes invading Cape May in January or February, this time with all of our friends.

Hats off to Nick Anderson. Oh yeah, and my band. We turned a situation where there was absolutely no pressure to finish, into a situation where we just decided to finish rather than load all that gear up and have to drive Rte. 47 through South Jersey again! Go team!

Note: self-producing records away from studios is very, very rewarding. Get yourself a space and try it out.


dan cummins said...

I am like the biggest fan and just hope you make a record I can listen to over and over and over and over again, like the one by those guys from San Franscisco who sing that song about Mr Jones and Me, they really understand how to craft a good pop tune but the one I really hoped they'd play was the one about the Satellite and Elizabeth.

fo' real. goodon you for finishing up. bring it.

Matt said...

I bow down to your Rally X high score skills. It's funny that I was the only witness to your impressive performance. I'm sure Nick would have been impressed if he had seen it.