Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the Young Vs. the Sensible

Slowly I am beginning to contemplate reinventing myself. I have forever been afraid of the "singer/songwriter" tag. You know, those were the people back in the 70's who wore beards or sundresses (or both!) who sang about their love for the love that you will never find because it is the love that is always unable to be found. I sing and write the songs (some of them at least), but have absolutely no interest in having my quasi-phallic name on the marquee. I am in deep smit with the idea of a band, and a BS name that represents said group of musicians.

So now I meditate on the obvious. People like the words, they want the words way up front. I am cool with this, I wouldn't write if I didn't want people to know what I was talking about. Young Rock in me wants to have the guitars gutteral and the drums bashy so me and the bassist can jump in unison like Van Halen did. Sensible Songster in me wants to have the guitars melodic and the drums tight and jazz-trap stylee so that the bassist can form a solid foundation for my voice to not have to caterwaul over in order to be heard.

So it is here that I am contemplating doing away with electric guitar…publicly announcing it. I do not think rock is dead, rock is very much alive and well.

Speaking of which, how about Live 8? Rock, rock on.

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Rockambo said...

It's all about Van Halen. Don't forget that they started as a lounge act playing the LA hotel circuit. Hope all is well in Philly. I found out that the e-mail address I sent your info to was outdated. I forwarded it to the correct address today. She's coming down for Jen's birthday, so I'll put in another plug.