Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Buy Back

Anyone seen the film "Chilicothe"? It's very odd, but no other film has encapsulated my life in such a dead on way. Funny thing is, I didn't like the film very much. It involves the telling of the 20-something guy, from dreaming big dreams to being lonely out of love to finding someone and coupling off. I watched it with my 3 dearest former housemates. One of which, now 2 years later, is married, the other lives in Brooklyn to rock a monkey off of his back, and me, I'm preparing to leave my city's safe economy for the city of brotherly love.

Anyways, there was a conversation in this film about not selling CD's you'll regret selling as you know you will buy them back. This conversation revolves around "Joshua Tree" by U2, but I want to talk about the only CD I have ever bought back. "Return of the Rentals" by the Rentals.

This is the sound of summer. Forever and ever. Wait, I don't think I sold this one. I am pretty sure someone made off with it. So I bought it back. I haven't even bought back "Parklife" so you know this is for real real, not play play. I wasn't one for their second record, but "Return of the Rentals" captures a certain exhuberance that rarely gets captured on tape. This is the sound of the Moog returning to popular conscience. This is the sound of an artist discovering himself amidst his day job (I mean, who QUITS Weezer?!).

Always buy back the records you love. Better yet. Don't sell them. Always lose them. Losing records is a better testament to your affection of a record.

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