Thursday, March 31, 2005

and awaaaay we go!

Spent a few hours assembling the website last night. Amazing how much detail you have to give the most mundane aspects of a webpage. As you can see, it's severely high-tech… I call it "Flash Pre-Beta," you can find pads of these in your company's supply closet!

Ran across a band called Lali Puna yesterday. Check them out… for fans of the Postal Service record, or even anything with MIDI beats, you'll dig them. I bought this record as a soundtrack to future jet lag, much the same as I did with Wilco's Summerteeth back in 1999.

come see us on my space if you have a minute.


Rockambo said...

Kudos on the redesign, it looks great!

Hillary said...

The design—so simply, yet so elegent. Brilliant.
Went to
Never heard you play before and was amazed. Nice sound! Because of a site error I didn't get to hear more than the first song. I'll try later

Have to find a babysitter for the kid and make it out to a show—inspiring